4 Factors That Can Affect the Quality of Humic Acid

4 Factors That Can Affect the Quality of Humic Acid

Good quality guarantees good results. The quality of humic acid you use influences the outcome, whether you are using this multifaceted compound for fertilization or as a food additive. The better the quality, the more benefits you reap, from effective detoxification to increased water retention. Many factors can affect the quality of humic acid. Explore four of them, and guarantee your business uses the best humic acid.

Concentration Levels

Humic acid’s purity and concentration levels in a product play a significant role in determining its quality. A high-quality product has a high concentration of active humic acid and low levels of impurities, such as heavy metals. Although pure humic acid is not attainable, you can get mixtures with very low levels of impurities.

Resource Source

The origin of humic acid also determines its quality. Humic acid derived from leonardite, a form of lignite coal, is typically high in quality due to the coal’s mature organic matter. In contrast, humic acid obtained from younger organic sources, like compost, often results in an acid that is less complex in its molecular structure, reducing its effectiveness.

Extraction Process

The extraction procedure of humic acid affects its quality. The best method for extracting humic acid prioritizes the preservation of its molecular structure. The stronger and more fortified the molecular structure, the better the humic acid’s ability to perform. A harsh extraction process—using strong acids, bases, or oxidizing agents—may break down the molecular structure of humic acid. A gentle extraction process, on the other hand, preserves the structural integrity of humic acid.

Storage Conditions

Humic acid is a highly reactive substance and will quickly degrade in improper storage conditions. Exposure to high temperatures, sunlight, or oxygen can cause humic acid to oxidize, diminishing its effectiveness. Storage in cool, dark, and airtight conditions is crucial for maintaining the quality of this compound.

Many factors influence the quality of humic acid. Understanding them can help your business make better decisions when purchasing humic acid products. At FulvicXcell, we source from the best humus deposits, use a careful extraction process with patented fulvic isolation technology, and implement advanced drying technology for preservation. With FulvicXcell as your humic acid supplier, you’ll receive top-quality humic acid. Place an order today, and enjoy the great performance of humic acid!