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Food-grade and agricultural grade wholesale fulvic and humic acid, tailor-made for your purpose.

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Wholesale supply for your business

FulvicXCell is a business-to-business contract manufacturer of the highest quality humic and fulvic acids.

At FulvicXcell, we make it easy for businesses to buy humic and fulvic acid for their products. We fractionate humic substances for specific applications on a custom order basis, and we dedicate ourselves to providing quality powders and supplements every single time.

Fulvic & humic acid, for plants and humans

Our organization is dedicated to the development of superior substances. 

Quality is more than a sales word to us. We have set high standards for ourselves and our product to ensure that we offer the best of the best.

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Industries we service

We offer wholesale fulvic and humic acid toll manufacturing services for health products, agriculture, and general use. Get a sample for your use case below!

Proud to be a part of:

Humic Products Trade Association
IHSS Natural Organic Matter Research

Kickstart your health brand.

Fulvic and humic acid have proven benefits to human health. Health trendsetters around the world have embraced the power of these essential nutrients. Grow your health business with FulvicXcell!